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Diabetes Is Primary Winter 2023: ADA NEWS

January 16, 2023

American Diabetes Association Offers New Resources

  • “Diabetes Day by Day” is a new podcast for people with diabetes and their caregivers. Discussions cover the everyday challenges of living with diabetes and offer practical advice for overcoming obstacles. To subscribe, search for it by name via your favorite podcast provide or listen at bit.ly/3G4an1k.
  • New protocols help to facilitate the exchange of information between diabetes health care professionals and eye care professionals to improve outcomes and preserve vision in their shared patients with diabetes. Find them at bit.ly/3WQijt6.
  • A recent article collection in Diabetes Spectrum highlights issues of health equity for people with diabetes. The collection is available from bit.ly/3thBxu6.
  • Visit the Diabetes Care Resource Center at bit.ly/3TsFCq7 to freely access the 2022 American Diabetes Association/European Association for the Study of Diabetes consensus report on hyperglycemia management in type 2 diabetes. Companion resources, including an infographic, slides, and a podcast on the statement, are also available.
  • The ADA and KDIGO (Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes) have recently released a joint consensus report to update current recommendations on treating chronic kidney disease, accounting for new clinical evidence. The report is available from bit.ly/3E0oTon.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring–derived time in range (TIR) data can inform treatment and lifestyle decisions to improve quality of life and outcomes beyond A1C testing alone. Learn how to use TIR metrics through webinars, podcasts, and practice pearl videos available from bit.ly/3fWgNF6.
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