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This book is dedicated to the research nurses, led for a quarter of a century by Carolyn E. Havlin-Cryer, RN, and the following research fellows:

  • Alan J. Garber, MD, PhD

  • William L. Clarke, MD

  • Alan B. Silverberg, MD

  • Steven A. Leveston, MD

  • Jack F. Tohmeh, MD

  • William E. Clutter, MD

  • Dennis A. Popp, MD

  • Ann M. Ginsberg, MD, PhD

  • Pierre Serusclat, MD

  • Thomas F. Tse, MD

  • Stephen G. Rosen, MD

  • Michael A. Berk, MD

  • Myrlene Staten, MD

  • David P. Hoelzer, MD

  • Natalie S. Schwartz, MD

  • Katherine R. Tuttle, MD

  • Karen M. Tordjman, MD

  • Stephen B. Liggett, MD

  • James C. Marker, PhD

  • Patrick J. Boyle, MD

  • Irl B. Hirsch, MD

  • Simon R. Heller, DM, FRCP

  • Brian V. Wiethop, MD

  • Samuel E. Dagogo-Jack, MB/BS, FRCP

  • Dwight A. Towler, MD, PhD

  • Chatchalit Rattarasarn, MD

  • Annemarie Hvidberg, MD, PhD

  • Tarek Saleh, MD

  • Carmine G. Fanelli, MD

  • Deanna Paramore, MD

  • Fernando Ovalle, MD

  • Scott A. Segel, MD

  • Salomon Banarer, MD

  • Veronica P. McGregor, MD

  • Michael A. DeRosa, DO

  • Bharathi Raju, MD

  • Denise Teves, MD

  • Ana Maria Arbeláez, MD

  • Suzanne M. Breckenridge, MD

  • Benjamin A. Cooperberg, MD

  • Ranjani P. Ramanathan, MD

  • Nadia Khoury, MD

These individuals did the bulk of our work.

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