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I would like to acknowledge Melissa Brail, LMFT, program director, Jewish Community Services of South Florida, for her sage advice, and Maxine Cohn for her incomparable writing guidance. I also would like to thank Wendy for her thoughtful and enthusiastic collaboration and Victor Van Beuren and the hardworking American Diabetes Association publishing team for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

—Janis Roszler

Thirty five years ago, I was hired by Dr. Jay Skyler at the Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami Medical School. It was a time when medicine rarely included psychologists and social workers on their teams. He was ahead of his time in recognizing the connection between emotions and diabetes. Today we have made incredible strides in health psychology and now recognize its essential role not just as an adjunct for difficult cases but as a necessary component of work with all patients and their families. From the beginning, I felt I really came to understand the “Person” in diabetes through my dearest friend and collaborator Gary Kleiman. Barbara Singer, Suzanne Wolfson, Maureen Murray, and Ellen Ullman added depth and perspective. I am thankful for the opportunities I have had with my colleagues and patients at the DRI, with Dr. Daniel Mintz at the head, along with Drs. Goldberg, Meninghini, and Nemery.

Thanks to Dr. Sandy Bernstein, Psychologist; Suzanne Pallot, MSW; Marilyn Charwat, psychotherapist; and Carole Weinstein, MA; for keeping me grounded in respect for “psychology’s place.” And thanks to my sisters, Marcia Lavipour and Mary Ellen Schwab, also professionals, who likewise keep me “alert” (as only siblings can do!).

Thanks to my loving nieces, nephews, and brothers-in-law and to our “kids” Bruce and Teri, Dean and Jen, and our granddaughter Chelsi.

Thanks to my friends for their connection.

And thank you, Janis, for inviting me to join you in writing this book. Your originality and creativity are invigorating.

—Wendy Satin Rapaport

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