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Insulin pump therapy gives people with diabetes the freedom to enjoy life, despite their chronic condition. The value and importance of having freedom are obvious from the impact this innovative technology has made in the past several decades. The insulin pump is now a common, integral component of diabetes management. Technological improvements and advances have made the insulin pump a desirable and useful tool in the management of diabetes.

As long-term insulin pump wearers with type 1 diabetes and healthcare professionals who have learned much from our colleagues and countless other “pumpers,” the contributors to the second edition of Putting Your Patients on the Pump have a unique perspective and understanding of what constitutes practical, useful information. Collectively, the four of us have lived with type 1 diabetes for over 165 years. Most of these years have been spent with an insulin pump. It is our hope that this book will help healthcare professionals with expertise in diabetes care and education successfully start and maintain diabetes patients on insulin pump therapy. We believe that even experienced clinicians will find the information, tips, and resources helpful.

We hope this book provides user-friendly information from our combined practical experience and supports the extra efforts diabetes healthcare professionals must make to help their patients achieve success using an insulin pump.

Karen M. Bolderman, RD, LDN, CDE

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