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Myriad types of physical movement have a positive impact on physical fitness, morbidity, and mortality in individuals with diabetes, and although exercise has long been considered a cornerstone of diabetes management, many health-care providers fail to prescribe it. Many fitness professionals may be unaware of the complexities of including physical activity in the management of all types of the disease. Giving patients or clients a full exercise prescription that takes comorbid conditions into account may be too time-consuming for or beyond the expertise of many health-care and fitness professionals.

The purpose of this book, therefore, is to cover the recommended types and quantities of physical activities that can and should be undertaken by all individuals with any type of diabetes, along with precautions related to medication use and diabetes-related health complications. Medications used to control diabetes should augment, rather than replace, lifestyle improvements like increased daily physical activity.

Until now, professional books with exercise information and prescriptions were not timely or sufficiently interactive to easily provide busy professionals with access to the latest recommendations for each unique patient. Simply instructing patients to “exercise more” is not motivating or informative enough to get them regularly or safely active. Exercise and Diabetes is changing all that with its up-to-date and easy-to-prescribe exercise and physical activity recommendations and relevant case studies.

Read, learn, and quickly be ready to effortlessly prescribe effective and appropriate exercise to everyone. Your reward will be a collective increase in the health and fitness of all people with diabetes.

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