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We would like to thank several people involved in the planning and development of this work who are not named authors. These include current and former American Diabetes Association (ADA) officers and staff, particularly Nathaniel Clark, as well as those behind the scenes who supported revisions to the ADA standards of care to include psychosocial issues and those at the ADA who facilitated the approval and financing of this volume. We also want to acknowledge several behavioral diabetes experts who contributed to this effort, including Robert Anderson, William Polonsky, and Paul Ciechanowski.

We would be remiss in not giving special thanks to Barbara Anderson and Richard Rubin for their tireless and longstanding leadership in the field of behavioral diabetes research and treatment, including editing a key publication in this arena (Anderson 2002). Finally, we offer our sincerest thanks to our editor at ADA, Victor Van Beuren. Without his assistance, encouragement, and support, this volume would never have seen the light of day.

Mark Peyrot

Deborah Young-Hyman

September 1, 2012

Practical Psychology for Diabetes Clinicians: How to Deal With the Key Behavioral Issues Faced by Patients and Health Care Teams
. 2nd ed.
Alexandria, VA
American Diabetes Association
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