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Insulin pump therapy gives people with diabetes the freedom to enjoy life and live it to the fullest, despite the demands and limitations that might otherwise result from diabetes that requirs basal-bolus therapy, whether it be type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Early insulin pumps were in a sense just glorified syringes. Modern insulin pumps are complex, multifaceted diabetes management devices that continue to advance and evolve. Integrated continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is available with some models. A pump is a powerful tool when prescribed to appropriate motivated patients who have access to the skilled guidance and necessary education to use it to the fullest potential. This wonderful tool can help that person achieve their best possible level of glycemic control.

As long-term insulin pump wearers with type 1 diabetes and healthcare professionals who have learned much from our colleagues and countless other “pumpers,” we have a unique perspective and deep understanding of what constitutes practical, useful information. The two of us have journeyed with type 1 diabetes for well over a century, with most of those years spent as “pumpers.” It is our hope that this book will help healthcare professionals with expertise in diabetes care and education successfully start and maintain diabetes patients on insulin pump therapy. We believe that even experienced clinicians will find the information, tips, and resources in this book helpful to assist patients achieve their fullest pump potential.

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