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Current Issue
Volume 47,
Issue 7
July 2024

About the Journal

"[T]he simple word Care may suffice to express [the journal’s] philosophical mission", "to promote better patient care by serving the expanded needs of all health professionals committed to the care of patients with diabetes." More.

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Article Collection: Reports from the GRADE Study

GRADE compared several classes of glucose-lowering agents for people with type 2 diabetes already being treated with lifestyle intervention and metformin. It assessed outcomes, side effects, and psychosocial measures to inform personalized treatment decisions in clinical practice.

ADA Releases Updated Clinical Practice Guidelines for 2024

The Standards of Care includes vital new and updated recommendations for the care of all people with diabetes or prediabetes. In this update, key themes include cardiovascular disease reduction, obesity treatment, type 1 diabetes diagnosis, bone health, behavioral and lifestyle considerations, and diabetes technology. 

Diabetes Care "On Air" podcast

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