Post–bariatric surgery hypoglycemia (PBH) is a metabolic complication of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB). Since symptoms are a key component of the Whipple’s triad to diagnose nondiabetic hypoglycemia, we evaluated the relationship between self-reported symptoms and postprandial sensor glucose profiles.


Thirty patients with PBH after RYGB (age: 50.1 [41.6–60.6] years, 86.7% female, BMI: 26.5 [23.5–31.2] kg/m2; median [interquartile range]) wore a blinded Dexcom G6 sensor while recording autonomic, neuroglycopenic, and gastrointestinal symptoms over 50 days. Symptoms (overall and each type) were categorized into those occurring in postprandial periods (PPPs) without hypoglycemia, or in the preceding dynamic or hypoglycemic phase of PPPs with hypoglycemia (nadir sensor glucose <3.9 mmol/L). We further explored the relationship between symptoms and the maximum negative rate of sensor glucose change and nadir sensor glucose levels.


In 5,851 PPPs, 775 symptoms were reported, of which 30.6 (0.0–59.9)% were perceived in PPPs without hypoglycemia, 16.7 (0.0–30.1)% in the preceding dynamic phase and 45.0 (13.7–84.7)% in the hypoglycemic phase of PPPs with hypoglycemia. Per symptom type, 53.6 (23.8–100.0)% of the autonomic, 30.0 (5.6–80.0)% of the neuroglycopenic, and 10.4 (0.0–50.0)% of the gastrointestinal symptoms occurred in the hypoglycemic phase of PPPs with hypoglycemia. Both faster glucose dynamics and lower nadir sensor glucose levels were related with symptom perception.


The relationship between symptom perception and PBH is complex, challenging clinical judgement and decision-making in this population.

D.H. and L.B. share joint last authorship.

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