Lau C, Færch K, Glümer C, Tetens I, Pedersen O, Carstensen B, Jørgensen T, Borch-Johnsen K: Dietary glycemic index, glycemic load, fiber, simple sugars, and insulin resistance: the Inter99 study. Diabetes Care 28:1397–1403, 2005

The authors of the above-listed article discovered a coding error in their dietary data. Although this error does not affect their original conclusion, the following alterations are required.

  • In Table 1, the absolute and relative numbers have changed, and for sucrose, the P value is no longer significant (P = 0.051).

  • In Table 2, the estimates and 95% CIs for glycemic index, carbohydrate, sucrose, fructose, and lactose are only marginally changed, whereas all other estimates have remained the same. The P value has changed for several variables, but the level of significance was only affected for two of the variables. Glycemic load and carbohydrate are therefore no longer significantly inversely associated with HOMA-IR in the adjusted analysis.

  • In the final paragraph of the results, the correlation between glycemic load and carbohydrate changes marginally (σ2 = 0.97821 instead of 0.97799). Adjustment for dietary fiber just affects the associations between glycemic load or carbohydrate and HOMA-IR towards more insignificance. (This should also be noted in the results section of the abstract.) It still attenuates the level of significance for the association between fruits/vegetables and HOMA-IR.

  • On p. 1401, at the beginning of the fifth paragraph of the conclusions, the authors have deleted the following text: “Any change in the carbohydrate composition of the diet will produce reciprocal changes in other parts of the diet. A concomitant decrease in fat consumption may therefore explain the inverse association between total carbohydrate intake and insulin resistance observed from the multiple regression analysis, as well as it explains findings from other studies (11).”

  • In the second from last paragraph of the conclusions, the authors have deleted the following sentence: “Intake of dietary fiber explained the observed inverse associations with daily glycemic load and carbohydrates and attenuated the association with fruit and vegetables.” Also, they have changed the beginning of the next sentence from “These data are consistent… ” to “Findings from this study are consistent… ”