Blood glucose test strips provide a convenient and rapid method for estimation of blood glucose. They can be read either by eye against a color scale or in a reflectance meter. This study compares the performance characteristics of the principal test strips available. When read visually, the BM Glycemie 20–800 (Chemstrip bG) strip was shown to be more accurate than the Dextrostix strip. Comparison of the meter systems showed Reflotest-Glucose to be more accurate and precise than Dextrostix. This was because the Reflotest system was read closer to the endpoint of color development and because there was less subsequent color fade than with the Dextrostix system. Reflotest-Glucose and Reflotest-Hypoglycemie developed colors that were stable for at least 2 days after completion of the test. However, when using a reflectance meter the Reflotest system required two strips to cover the important range of blood glucose.

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