The authors wish to correct some minor errors in this article:

  1. The fasting insulin secretion rate was correctly shown in Table 1 to be slightly increased after lixisenatide treatment, whereas the text of the Results and Conclusions sections incorrectly reported that it was decreased.

  2. Change in fasting blood glucose was incorrectly listed as both a secondary and an exploratory end point in the Research Design and Methods section. It should have been listed only as an exploratory end point.

  3. In Table 1, the values for body weight on Day 0 and Day 56 were reversed for both placebo and lixisenatide. This means that the mean difference in body weight should be a negative value rather than a positive value for both placebo and lixisenatide. The statement in the Results section of the text that mean body weight declined slightly in both groups remains correct.

  4. In Table 1, the footnote symbol indicating the type of data was incorrectly placed on the rows fasting insulin secretion rate, total insulin secretion, and β-cell glucose sensitivity. These data are mean (SD) rather than median (interquartile range).

The online version of the article ( has been updated accordingly.

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