DiabetesBio is a new monthly podcast of the American Diabetes Association’s flagship research journal, Diabetes. The podcast is intended for diabetes researchers who are interested in the physiology and pathophysiology of diabetes. Hosts Drs. Kirk Habegger, Darleen Sandoval, and Kevin Williams explore the latest cutting-edge research on diabetes and related complications. For more information, please visit diabetesjournals.org/diabetes/pages/diabetesbio.

The 84th annual American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions will be held in Orlando, Florida, 21–24 June 2024, at the Orange County Convention Center. Registration and housing are now open. For more information, please visit professional.diabetes.org/scientific-sessions.

The global diabetes pandemic necessitates a shift in care practices for an expanding population with the disease. In a Diabetes Spectrum article collection titled “Roadmaps to Continuous Glucose Monitoring’s Role in Transforming Diabetes Management,” experts, led by guest editor Dr. Richard M. Bergenstal, explore how continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) can revolutionize diabetes care. The collection outlines step-by-step processes for CGM implementation in key areas, emphasizing recent advances, addressing barriers, and envisioning a future where all can access transformative diabetes therapies. Access the collection at diabetesjournals.org/spectrum/pages/cgm_roadmaps for the latest insights on enhancing diabetes care.

Diabetes Care periodically publishes special article collections related to a specific topic, study, or aspect of diabetes care, prevention, and treatment. These collections appear in the print and online editions of Diabetes Care. Learn more about previously published collections at diabetesjournals.org/journals/pages/diabetes_care_featured_collection.

Clinical Diabetes recently published an article collection outlining recent work by the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative, a learning health system focusing on quality improvement projects to enhance the care of people with type 1 diabetes. The latest collection includes feature articles on understanding providers’ readiness and attitudes toward autoantibody screening, institutional barriers to the successful implementation of telemedicine for type 1 diabetes care, and more. Please visit diabetesjournals.org/collection/1849/Quality-Improvement-and-Population-Health.

If diabetes has had an impact on your life, whether you have diabetes or care for someone who has diabetes, please consider submitting your original artwork for publication on the cover of an issue of Diabetes Care. Artwork submission and selection are completely independent from manuscript submission and the peer review process—artwork sent for consideration on the cover is not required to be related to an article submitted to or published in the journal. Diabetes Care will consider images of artwork of any subject or medium. For more information, please visit diabetesjournals.org/care/pages/submit_a_cover_image.

In a special two-episode series of Diabetes Core Update, the American Diabetes Association podcast for primary care clinicians, Dr. Christie Ballantyne sits down with host Dr. Neil Skolnik to discuss triglycerides and how to reduce residual risk. This series is supported by an independent educational grant from Amarin. For more information, please visit diabetesjournals.org/journals/pages/triglycerides_podcasts.

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