To elucidate β-cell function, insulin requirement, and remission period in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), a study was undertaken comprising 268 patients consecutively admitted to Steno Memorial Hospital with newly diagnosed IDDM. The patients were characterized by sex, age, and seasonal variation at onset of diabetes mellitus. Duringthe first 36 mo of the disease, an evaluation was performed for basal C-peptide, HbA1c, and insulin dose per kilogram. Total remission was interpreted as complete discontinuation of insulin therapy for at least 1 wk while still metabolically well controlled, and partial remission was interpreted as an insulin need that was <50% of the insulin dose at discharge from the hospital. During the first 18 mo of the disease, 12.3% of the patients entered total remission (median 6 mo), and 18.3% of the patients entered partial remission (median 6 mo). Patients entering remission had significantly higher basal C-peptide levels than those who did not. Sex, age, and initial HbA1c levels did not influence the frequency of remission.

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