We studied 12 subjects with diabetes to determine how well the glycemic index (Gl) predicted the ranking of glycemic responses of different foods in individuals. All subjects ate three mixed meals (bread, rice, or spaghetti with GIs of 100, 79, and 61, respectively) four times in a randomized complete block design. The mean glycemic response areas of the different meals ranked according to the predicted Gl in every individual. The observed mean ± SD Gl values of the meals were significantly different from each other (bread 100 ± 7, rice 75 ± 9, spaghetti 54 ± 9), with no significant difference in response between subjects. It is concluded that individuals share common mean Gl values for different foods. Within confidence limits determined by the variability of glycemic responses, the number of repeated tests conducted, and the expected Gl difference, the Gl can be used to predict the ranking of the mean glycemic responses of mixed meals taken by individuals.

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