We compared a new semiquantitative dipstick test for microalbuminuria (Micral-Test) with a quantitative immunoturbidimetric method.

Research Design and Methods

This correlation study was performed at a pediatric and medical outpatient clinic at a university hospital. Overnight urine samples containing < 200 mg/L albumin from 186 diabetic patients were analyzed.


The correlation coefficient between the new semiquantitative method and the immunoturbidimetric reference method was 0.82. Elevated albumin concentration was defined as > 20 mg/L albumin in overnight urine, and the prevalence of samples with values above this level was 28%. By this definition, the Micral-Test assay level > or equal to 20 mg/L had a sensitivity of 92.3% and a specificity of 82.1%. Of the diabetic subjects, 84.9% were correctly classified as having elevated urinary albumin concentration or not.


The Micral-Test is useful for in-clinic screening for elevated urinary albumin concentration and monitoring the development of urinary albumin excretion in the low microalbuminuric range.

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