Objective— To determine the prevalence of diabetes and its relationship to age and obesity in an urban community in Colombia.

Research Design and Methods— A cluster sample of 670 adults ≥ 30 yr of age was selected from the city of Santafè de Bogotá. Classification of diabetes and IGT was according to WHO criteria.

Results— Response to the survey, conducted in 1988–1989, was 71% for men and 84% for women. Prevalence of diabetes was 7% in both sexes. Prevalence of IGT was 5% in men and 7% in women. Age-standardized prevalence of diabetes in the 30- to 64-yr age range was comparable with that reported in urban Brazilians and rural Hispanics in the U.S.. Prevalence was higher than in the white population of the U.S. but lower than in several urban U.S. Hispanic communities. Some 40% of men and 30% of women with diabetes were unaware of their condition before the survey, but all those <50 yr of age were diagnosed previously. Glucose intolerance was associated with high BMI in men and with advancing age in both sexes.

Conclusions— Glucose intolerance is common in this community and will likely increase in frequency in Colombians with further urbanization and population aging.

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