To compare the effects of two cough syrup formulations (one with sugar and alcohol and one without) on the metabolic control of NIDDM.


A prospective, blinded cross-over study was performed at the Endocrinology Clinic of a U.S. Army Medical Center on 20 volunteers with NIDDM, treated with diet alone or diet plus an oral hypoglycemic agent. After a 7-day lead-in period, patients took 3-day courses of each cough syrup (10 ml 4 times/day) with an intervening 4-day wash-out period. Fasting and postprandial blood glucose and lipids before and immediately after each course were compared.


No differences in pretherapy and posttherapy values were found with either formula. Values taken after the sugar- and alcohol-containing formula were not different from those taken after the alcohol- and sugar-free formula.


We conclude that patients with NIDDM can take standard daytime cough formulas, in short courses of standard doses, without adverse effect on blood glucose or lipids.

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