To examine whether the postprandial hyperglycemic effect of pizza in well-controlled IDDM patients is related to overeating or to unique properties of this popular food.


On two evenings, each patient (n = 8) consumed a meal that was similar in macronutrient composition except that one consisted of pizza and the other was a control meal that included high glycemic index foods. The insulin regimen was held constant.


Postprandial glucose levels were within the target range (< or = 10 mM) after the control meal. Although the initial glucose increase was similar for the two meals, plasma glucose continued to rise and was significantly increased from 4 to 9 h after ingestion of pizza compared with the control meal (P < 0.05). This increase occurred even though free insulin, glucagon, and free fatty acid levels did not differ significantly.


Our data suggest that pizza has properties that accentuate and sustain postprandial hyperglycemia.

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