To determine the reliability of seven different alternative glucose test strips manufactured for use with three different glucose meters.


Venous blood samples were obtained from volunteers to test trade name glucose test strips on the manufacturers' glucose meters (One Touch II, Glucometer II, and Glucometer III), and the remainder of each sample was used for laboratory determination of blood glucose levels. In addition to the trade name test strips, Quick Check and First Choice test strips were tested on all meters, and Biotel test strips were also tested on the Glucometer III.


In linear regression analysis, the R2 ranged from 0.84 to 0.97 for the test strips compared with plasma glucose values. The test strips with the highest accuracy and precision at all ranges of blood glucose levels were the One Touch II and Glucometer III trade name strips and the Quick Check and First Choice alternative strips for the One Touch II glucose meter and the First Choice alternative strip for the Glucometer II. Subgroup analysis based on ranges of blood glucose values, however, revealed that the alternative strips were not as accurate as the trade name test strips, with the exception of the First Choice alternative test strip for the Glucometer II. All of the trade name test strips were more precise than the alternative test strips designed for the individual meters.


Alternative glucose test strips can be used to predict the actual laboratory blood glucose values but are generally not as accurate or precise as the trade name test strips.

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