Pisabarro R, Recalde A, Chaftare Y: High incidence of maternal transmission of diabetes in obese Uruguayan children (Letter). Diabetes Care 24:1303, 2001

Sentence 3 of the fourth paragraph of the above letter was omitted. The correct text of the paragraph is shown here:

A total of 17% of the children were classified as OW and 9% as OB. No differences in BMI were found between sexes at the age interval studied. Of the OB group, 9% had a diabetic mother diagnosed by a physician. All of the mothers in the OB group had type 2 diabetes, 1% of the mothers in the NW and OW groups had type 1 diabetes, and no differences were found between diabetic and nondiabetic fathers. This maternal transmission of type 2 diabetes was addressed in a recent study (4).