Johnson SL, Tierney EF, Onyemere KU, Tseng C-W, Safford MM, Karter AJ, Ferrara A, Duru OK, Brown AF, Narayan KMV, Thompson TJ, Herman WH: Who is tested for diabetic kidney disease and who initiates treatment? The Translating Research Into Action for Diabetes (TRIAD) study. Diabetes Care 29:1733–1738, 2006

A typographical error appears in the above-listed article. Fig. 1 describes the study population used for the cross-sectional analysis (n = 5,378). This population is subdivided into two populations. The upper box is incorrect and should describe subjects not using ACE/ARB therapy and with no known diabetic kidney disease (n = 1,738). The text on the same page describing the cross-sectional analysis is correct.