Schwartz AV, Vittinghoff E, Sellmeyer DE, Feingold KR, de Rekeneire N, Strotmeyer ES, Shorr RI, Vinik AI, Odden MC, Park SW, Faulkner KA, Harris TB, for the Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study: Diabetes-related complications, glycemic control, and falls in older adults. Diabetes Care 31:391–396, 2008

In the above-listed article, three percentages are incorrectly reported in the first sentence of the abstract's results section. “In the first year, 23% reported falling; 22, 26, 30, and 31% fell in subsequent years” should appear in place of “In the first year, 24% reported falling; 22, 26, 31, and 30% fell in subsequent years.” The online version reflects these changes. This error does not affect the accuracy of the conclusions presented. The correct percentages are reported in the first paragraph of the results section.