In the above-mentioned article, the names listed in the appendix should have all been cited as authors of the article. The byline, the footnotes, and the appendix all have been corrected. The Author contributions section has been updated and added to the Supplementary Data online.

Author contributions. The authors’ responsibilities were as follows: HSD, CES, TT, MG, DJG, FAJLS and JMO: designed the study; MF, LK, TP, MP, ASH, VS, TMB, RNL, BMP, DSS, DM, SAG, TE, SM, MKW, BBI, ACFW, PNH, RJS, DKA, TSA, LP, TH, AA, OP, TIAS, MMP, JL, KR, JGE, TT, DGH, LF, SB, AJ, UT, NG, TJ, AL, RS, WCJ, TAC, JIR, SSR, TM, AV, JCKdJ, AH, AGU, OHF, IPK, SK, LR, PD, GD, VM, OTR, MK, JSAV, IS, HT, and TL: conducted research; HSD, JLF, TT, LK, TMB, MMP, AJ, ACFW, IPK, MKW, and TSA: contributed to the statistical analyses; HSD, CES, SLF, MG, DJG, AH, PFJ, FAJL and JMO: interpretation of data; HSD, JLF, CES, TT, MG, DJG, AH, PFJ, JCKdJ, SLF, FAJL and JMO: writing of the manuscript (writing group); all authors read and approved the final version of the manuscript.

The online version of the article reflects these changes.

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