In Table 1 of the above-cited article, data for GDM-exposed and unexposed children for characteristics daily energy intake (EI), moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA), and orbital frontal cortex (OFC) food cue reactivity were inadvertently transposed. For GDM-exposed children, the correct data are 1,805.9 ± 391.83 (EI), 146.69 ± 96.61 (MVPA), and 0.05 ± 0.15 (PFC). For unexposed children, the correct data are 1,664.2 ± 367.23 (EI), 136.23 ± 98.21 (MVPA), and –0.004 ± 0.15 (PFC).

The authors apologize for the error.

The online version of the article ( has been updated to correct the data.

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