The activity of three combinations of regular and NPH human insulin (recombinant DNA) has been compared to that of an intermediate-acting pork insulin in a crossover study in type I diabetic subjects. After a prephase, the patients injected each insulin subcutaneously for 1 wk in different order. During the 5-wk period, daily glucose profiles were self-monitored, except at the end of each week, when blood was sampled for the determination of glucose, HbA1, glycosylated albumin, C-peptide, glucagon, and routine laboratory parameters. Fasting as well as mean daily glucose and mean amplitude of glucose excursions were similar during the treatment with pork and the various human insulin preparations. There was also no significant difference in C-peptide, glucagon, HbA1 or the routine laboratory parameters with each insulin tested. Glycosylated albumin, however, was significantly lower during the test period with intermediate-acting pork insulin and human insulin (25:75 regular:NPH), when compared with the prephase. We conclude that in type I diabetic subjects human insulin in special galenic preparations shows very similar metabolic activity to pork insulin.

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