This study was conducted to assess the reliability of self-reported hospitalization data, as well as the appropriateness of using self-reported data in evaluating the effectiveness of the Maine Ambulatory Diabetes Education and Follow-Up (ADEF) program. A Maine Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BC/BS) inpatient claims file was used as the reference source to verify self-reported hospitalization data. For a sample of 99 BC/BS subscribers who attended the ADEF program, 77% of the study participants accurately self-reported hospitalization patterns over a 12-mo time period before attending the education program, and 81% of the participants accurately self-reported hospitalization patterns during a posteducation follow-up time period. The reference BC/BS claims data documented a reduction in hospitalizations for the study participants similar to that reported using the ADEF self-reported hospitalization data. The Maine Diabetes Control Project used the self-reported hospitalization data in combination with selected reference claims data to secure third-party reimbursement for the Maine ADEF Program.

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