Serum and lipoprotein lipids were examined in 133 newly diagnosed (type II) diabetic patients (70 men, 63 women), aged 45–64 yr, and in 144 randomly selected nondiabetic control subjects of similar age (62 men, 82 women). The serum total cholesterol levels in diabetic and nondiabetic subjects were similar, but the HDL-cholesterol levels were lower and the serum total triglyceride levels higher in the diabetic than in nondiabetic subjects. No significant differences were found in apoprotein A-I and A-II levels between the diabetic and nondiabetic subjects. After adjustment for age, alcohol intake, obesity, 2-h postglucose serum insulin, and serum triglycerides, male diabetic subjects still had lower HDL-cholesterol levels than corresponding nondiabetic subjects. On the other hand, female diabetic subjects had higher serum triglycerides than their nondiabetic counterparts, even after adjustment for age, alcohol intake, 2-h postglucose serum insulin, and obesity.

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