To improve diabetic patients' compliance to multiple injection protocols, we developed and tested a new insulin jet injector, the Preci-Jet 50. The prototype has the following features: small size (14 × 2 cm) and weight (160 g), capability of mixing two types of insulin, accuracy and reliability of the ejected volume (dose), ease of use and sterilization, simplicity of design, and capacity of adjusting jet pressure to individual skin resistance. The ejected volume, evaluated by gravimetry, was more accurate and more reliable with the injectors (N = 18) than with 0.5-cc disposable plastic syringes (N = 18). The dead space of the injectors (N = 16), as evaluated by isotopic recuperation of radioactive insulin, was minimal, allowing mixed insulin injections. The human-device interface evaluation demonstrated that diabetic patients (N = 13) learned easily to manipulate the injector and that their ability to use it properly improved after 1 mo of use. We conclude that this injector may be a practical tool for insulindependent diabetic patients.

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