Each year, Clinical Diabetes calls on many scientific and medical experts in the field of diabetes to critically review submitted manuscripts. The journal’s editors and staff sincerely appreciate these reviewers, whose valuable feedback helps to ensure the high quality of the research and review articles published in each issue. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of the reviewers who have volunteered their time and expertise for their contributions to Clinical Diabetes during the past year (1 November 2018 to 31 October 2019).

Jo Ann Ahern

Sumera Ahmed

Grazia Aleppo

Amutha Anandakumar

Vanita Aroda

Yasemin Balaban

Ilaria Barchetta

Katharine Barnard

Megan Barry-Luglio

Christine Beebe

Kathy Berkowitz

Elizabeth Beverly

Marshall Block

Irwin Brodsky

Stephen Brunton

Enrico Cagliero

Mário Campos, Jr.

Vincenzo Carnevale

Chad Carroll

Anna Challa

James Chamberlain

Robert Chilton

Elaine Chow

Elena Christofides

Nathaniel Clark

Deborah Clegg

Fran Cogen

Eduardo Colon

Diana Cousminer

Carla Cox

Nancy D’Hondt

Jane K. Dickinson

George Dimitriadis

Oralia Dominic

Nilanjana Dwibedi

Kathaleen Briggs Early

James Engert

Maisa Feghali

Afomia Feleke

Ana Gallardo-Hernandez

Gil Genuth

Giorgio Giatsidis

Fernando Giuffrida

Jennifer Goldman

Aidar Gosmanov

ZengKui Guo

Sunil Gupta

Rosanna Hannum

Richard Hellman

Laura Hieronymus

Deborah Hinnen

Laurence Hirsch

Carol Homko

Chao Huang

Eric Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Gwen Klinkner

Davida Kruger

Louis Kuritzky

Scott Lang

Sandra Leal

Christy Ledford

Natalie Levy

Cecilia Low Wang

Helen Lunt

Catherine Martin

Ryan McDonough

Christian Mende

Yuan-Xiang Meng

Eden Miller

Mark Molitch

Pablo Mora

Alyson Myers

Kristina Naseman

Sean Newsom

Cheyenne Newsome

Mary Lou Perry

Kyle Peters

Neesha Ramchandani

Marc Rendell

Terry Ridge

Lauren Roberson

Kjersti Ronningen

Laurajo Ryan

Jane Seley

Lakshmi Shankhdhar

Mansur Shomali

Jay Shubrook

Felice Sirico

Neil Skolnik

Elias Spanakis

Julie Stoy

Mitali Talsania

Ronald Tamler

Ilker Tasci

Sean Taylor

Carina Torn

Jennifer Trujillo

Jeff Unger

Steve Vacalis

Mohan Babu Budikote Venkatappa

Venugopal Vijayakumar

Niels Wacher

Tomas Walker

Rachel Waller

Lamont Weide

Jane Weinreb

Daniel West

Deborah Wexler

John White

Richard Williams

Siu Ling (Christine) Wong

Eugene Wright

Carol Wysham

Xiangwei Xiao

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