Research has demonstrated the benefits of regular physical activity for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Exercise has been shown to:

  • improve blood glucose control

  • reduce the need for insulin and pills for diabetes

  • improve body weight

  • improve good cholesterol (HDL) and lower both bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride (blood fat) levels

  • lower blood pressure

  • reduce the risk for heart disease

  • maintain bone health

  • relieve depression and anxiety

  • help maintain cognitive function in old age

However, despite these and other benefits, many patients with diabetes don't include regular exercise as a regular part of their diabetes care.

Your health care provider can help you select appropriate physical activities to improve your health and further your diabetes care goals. To help you choose, please start by completing this brief questionnaire.

  1. My typical day includes:

    • — hours of sleep

    • — hours of low-intensity activity (such as driving, reading, watching television)

    • — hours of moderate-intensity activity (such as walking, gardening,housework)

    • — hours vigorous activity (such as aerobic exercise, heavy labor,competitive sports)

  2. The physical activities I enjoy most are:

  3. The physical activities I would like to try or learn are:

  4. I see the following as obstacles to exercising (check all that apply):

    • — lack of time

    • — fear of hypoglycemia

    • — poor skills/coordination

    • — age

    • — boredom

    • — low energy

    • — cost

    • — lack of family support

    • — lack of facilities

    • — arthritis

    • — other medical conditions

    • — pain during or after exercise

Please give this completed questionnaire to your health care provider. It will help you work together to find physical activities that are enjoyable and that can improve your diabetes and improve your overall health.