Each year, Clinical Diabetes calls on many scientific and medical experts in the field of diabetes to critically review submitted manuscripts. The journal’s editors and staff sincerely appreciate these reviewers, whose valuable feedback helps to ensure the high quality of the research and review articles published in each issue. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of the reviewers who have volunteered their time and expertise in the past year (1 November 2016 to 31 October 2017) for their contributions to Clinical Diabetes.

Scott Abbott

Anna Abramczyk

Jo Ann Ahern

Afaf Aladsani

A. Michael Albisser

Shin Amemiya

Amutha Anandakumar

Giovanni Annuzzi

John Baker

Shichun Bao

Michelle Baron

Christine Beebe

Sateesh Belemkar

Arti Bhan

Zachary Bloomgarden

Richard Bracken

David Bradley

Barbara Braffett

Kathaleen Briggs Early

Irwin Brodsky

Marie Brown

Sven-Erik Bursell

Mehmet Calan

Joiza Camargo

Carmen Castaneda-Sceppa

Jessica Castle

Arthur Charles

Christian Chisholm

Elizabeth Ciemins

Nathaniel Clark

Richard Comi

Florence Dallo

Sharon Denham

Nancy D’Hondt

Joy Dugan

Barbara Eichorst

Ahmed El-Kafoury

Abimbola Farinde

S. Edwin Fineberg

James Fitzgerald

Janine Freeman

Eli Friedman

Martha Funnell

Janice Gilden

Francisco Gomez-Trujillo

Davida A. Greenberg

Susan Guzman

Rosanna Hannum

Stanley Hazen

Michael Heile

Kenneth Hershon

Ruth Hertzman-Miller

Sumali Hewage

Laura Hieronymus

Deborah Hinnen

Israel Hodish

Robert Hoffman

Carol Homko

Brian Irving

David Jenkins

Luohua Jiang

Eric Johnson

Richard Kahn

Vyacheslav Kalchenko

Jothydev Kesavadev

Allen King

M. Sue Kirkman

Davida Kruger

Kristin Kunzman

Louis Kuritzky

Chao-Qiang Lai

Finn Lauszus

Djamel Lebeche

Kyu Rae Lee

Gayle Lorenzi

Brij Makkar

Giulio Marchesini

Catherine Martin

Robert Maunder

Robert Mayberry

Sue McLaughlin

Adam McTighe

Carlos Mendez

Yuan-Xiang Meng

Eden Miller

Panayota Mitrou

Niels Moller

Pablo Mora

Alyson Myers

Carine Nassar

Joshua Neumiller

Cheyenne Newsome

Giel Nijpels

Patrick O’Connor

Mary Lou Perry

Patrik Persson

Kyle Peters

Kim Pfotenhauer

Brian Piccolo

William Polonsky

Ninfa Purcell

Ivo Rakovac

Neesha Ramchandani

Rosemarie Ramos

Elliot Rayfield

Timothy Reid

Frank Reimann

Melissa Roman

Lisa Rotenstein

David A. Sacks

Sharon Saydah

Joel Schectman

Leopold Schmetterer

Doron Schneider

Lakshmi Shankhdhar

Michael Shannon

Mansur Shomali

Jay Shubrook

Linda Siminerio

Neil Skolnik

Steven Allen Smith

Marco Songini

Condit Steil

Mads Svart

Nadine Taleb

Emmeline Tran

Curtis Triplitt

Jennifer Trujillo

Jeff Unger

Virginia Valentine

Ken Wallston

Hope Warshaw

Ruth Weinstock

Florence White

Eugene Wright

Carol Wysham

Xilin Yang

Clipper Young

Zhiguang Zhou

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