Improved β-cell function seems to be essential for better glucose homeostasis after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass but is less studied after sleeve gastrectomy (SG). We evaluated the effects of SG on β- cell function in obese patients with diabetes (DM group) and without (Control group) in response to both oral and intravenous glucose stimulation. The DM group demonstrated impaired insulin sensitivity and insulin response to glucose before surgery. The insulin sensitivity index of both groups significantly improved after SG. In addition, the insulin response to glucose (early insulinogenic index in OGTT and AIRglu in IVGTT) increased in the DM group but decreased in the Control group. As a result, β-cell function improved significantly in both groups after SG since the disposition index (DI) increased in both. However, the DI of DM group still can’t restore to the level of Control group up to 1 year after SG. Our results support that both obese patients with and without diabetes could benefit from SG in β-cell function. For obese patients at risk of or have been diagnosed with diabetes, interventions should be recommended early to preserve or restore β-cell function, and SG could be an effective choice. Further studies are needed for long-term effects.

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