The section on Diabetes Statistics is carried over from Diabetes Abstracts, in which it appeared regularly beginning with the tenth issue of that journal (Volume 3, Number 2) for April 1944. The section was started on the suggestion of Herbert H. Marks to Dr. William Muhlberg, then Treasurer of the American Diabetes Association and Chairman ofits Committee on Statistical Investigation and Corporate Membership.

The original proposal was for a regular page on current statistics of the disease, with particular emphasis on mortality statistics. Gradually, other types of statistical data on diabetes and on the characteristics of the diabetic population were added. For a period of several years, the section consisted merely of a series of statistic cal tables. It was proposed in 1946 to enhance the value of this section by adding a short interpretive text with regard to the statistics contained in the tables, and this was done beginning with the first issue of Volume 6 of Diabetes Abstracts.

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