The potentiation of oral hypoglycemic drugs by the antilipemic agent halofenate is reported. Forty-seven diabetic patients were treated for 48 weeks with halofenate, clofibrate, or placebo. Five patients in the halofenate group were taking phenformin plus either chlorpropamide or tolbutamide. Their average initial fasting plasma glucose was 160 mg./dl. All five patients experienced a slow but substantial fall in fasting plasma glucose. The mean fasting plasma glucose for the five patients after 80 days of halofenate treatment was 63 mg./dl. As oral treatment for diabetes was reduced, the fasting plasma glucose returned to prehalofenate levels. In this study, we did not detect an effect of halofenate on the fasting plasma glucose of diabetic patients treated with insulin or on the fasting plasma glucose levels of patients treated with diet alone.

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