Somatostatin was infused in various doses into normal subjects and juvenile diabetics for a 24-hour period preceded by a 24-hour control period and followed by another three-hour control period. Saline was infused during the first control period. Meals were served during the two 24-hour periods. Blood samples were taken hourly.

Five normal males received a total dose of 4 mg. somatostatin. Four male diabetics received 2 mg., four received 4 mg., and four 6 mg. In the diabetics, somatostatin suppressed plasma growth hormone, glucagon, and glucose throughout the infusion. All parameters rebounded at cessation of infusion. In the normals, somatostatin suppressed plasma growth hormone, glucagon, and insulin but increased plasma glucose.

It is concluded that the plasma glucose suppression in the diabetics is mainly due to the suppression of the diabetogenk hormones growth hormone and glucagon. A minor effect of decreased and/or delayed absorption of carbohydrates cannot be excluded in these experiments. The elevated plasma glucose levels in normals must be due to the suppressive effects of somatostatin on insulin secretion.

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