We examined the production and secretion of IAPP in a β-cell line, MIN6, which is derived from an insulinoma obtained by targeted expression of the SV40 T-antigen gene in a transgenic mouse. RNA blot analysis revealed an abundance of IAPP and insulin II mRNA in the cells, findings comparable with those in the pancreas of a normal mouse. The presence of IAPP and insulin was confirmed immunohistochemically and by RIA. Analysis of the reverse-phase HPLC identified IAPP in cells with authentic mouse IAPP. Raising the glucose concentration from 5.6 to 25 mM failed to induce increments in IAPP and insulin II mRNAs. The cells secrete IAPP and insulin for short- and long-term incubations in response to concentration of glucose in the medium. These features resemble those of islet cells from normal animals. This β-cell line will aid in analyzing the regulation of IAPP gene expression and the mechanisms of IAPP biosynthesis and secretion.

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