Wojtaszewski JFP, Nielsen P, Kiens B, Richter EA: Regulation of glycogen synthase kinase-3 in human skeletal muscle: effects of food intake and bicycle exercise. Diabetes 50:265–269, 2001

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Luke A, Wu X, Zhu X, Kan D, Su Y, Cooper R: Linkage for BMI at 3q27 region confirmed in an African-American population. Diabetes 52:1284–1287, 2003

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In this study we describe the replication of a QTL at 3q27 for BMI in two independent African-American family samples. After publication, we determined that the family ID was labeled incorrectly in the lab for a subset of participants in the second sample. As a result, 64 families were genotyped in both samples 1 and 2. We subsequently removed those families from sample 2 and genotyped an additional 57 families. Sample 2 now comprises 466 individuals in 121 families. We genotyped nine STRs evenly spaced in the 43-cM (one marker/5 cM) region around the peak on 3q27 identified in our previous study. Multipoint linkage analysis by Genehunter software gave the maximum LOD score of 3.05 at map position 176 cM, ∼10 cM from the peak identified in sample 1. Next, we carried out linkage analysis within the 43-cM region combining samples 1 and 2. Because sample 2 has more markers than sample 1 in the region, we first calculated the IBD sharing of a pair of relatives in samples 1 and 2 separately. The IBD probabilities were then pooled for linkage analysis. Linkage evidence was increased in the combined sample to an MLS of 3.7 at 188 cM, with a 17-cM 1-LOD drop interval around the peak (Fig. 1). We used the same methods as described in the article, and the results of our analyses did not change significantly.