Gutierrez DA, Kennedy A, Orr JS, Anderson EK, Webb CD, Gerrald WK, Hasty AH. Aberrant accumulation of undifferentiated myeloid cells in the adipose tissue of CCR2-deficient mice delays improvements in insulin sensitivity. Diabetes 2011;60:2820–2829

During a recent examination of the data from the publication listed above, we realized that we erroneously mislabeled the blood neutrophil population as the Ly6Clo monocyte population in Supplementary Figs. 24. The accidental mislabeling of these populations does not in any way affect the interpretation of the results or the outcome of the study. In this study, we were particularly interested in the levels of Ly6Chi monocytes, and this population was correctly gated and labeled in the original figures. We reported that there was a small increase in the blood Ly6Clo monocytes in the BM-CCR2−/− mice. However, we gated on the neutrophil population and not the Ly6Clo population. The new quantification of the correct population is shown below in Supplementary Fig. 2D. It is important to note that we did not take into consideration the levels of Ly6Clo monocytes when interpreting our data. The online version reflects these changes.