This retrospective, observational study compared clinical outcomes of adults with T2D switching from Gla-100/IDet to Gla-300 or IDeg. Electronic medical records (Predictive Health Intelligence Environment database) (3/1/15-1/31/17) were analyzed. Switchers with ≥1 A1C during 6—month baseline were propensity score matched on baseline demographic and clinical characteristics (including percentage of patients originally on Gla-100/IDet). Endpoints were A1C change and goal attainment in those with ≥1 A1C test during 3-6-month follow-up, and hypoglycemia (hypo) in all 3184 matched patients. Hypo (ICD-9/ 10 and/or plasma-glucose level ≤70 mg/dL overall, or associated with an inpatient/ED encounter) was assessed using fixed follow-up (intent-to-treat [ITT], full 6 months) and variable follow-up (on treatment [OT], till discontinuation or 6 months). A1C reduction was comparable between Gla-300 (n=742) and IDeg (n=727) switchers (0.63% and 0.58%, respectively, p=0.49). A1C <7% was attained in 15.1%/16.1% among Gla-300/IDeg switchers, respectively (p=0.63); <8% in 44.3%/44.4%, respectively (p=0.98). By ITT, switching to Gla-300 (n=1592) reduced hypo incidence (all: 15.6% to 12.7%; p=0.01; inpatient/ED: 5.3% to 3.5%; p=0.01); switching to IDeg (n=1592) resulted in non-significant reductions (all: 14.3% to 12.7%; p=0.12; inpatient/ED: 4.1% to 3.6%; p=0.40). After adjusting baseline hypo incidence, no significant differences were found in follow-up between the two groups. By OT, hypo incidence was similar in both groups (adjusted hazard ratio: 1.02; p=0.88), but Gla-300 switchers had lower inpatient/ED hypo event rates in follow-up (adjusted rate ratio: 0.56; p=0.02). In a real-world setting of adults with T2D, switching from Gla-100/IDet to Gla—300 or IDeg resulted in comparable improvements in glycemic control and comparable/better hypo outcomes.


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