Treatments that reduce A1C levels often do not reflect improvements in both fasting and postprandial hyperglycemia. Data from 731 patients (pts) with T2D uncontrolled on basal insulin ± OADs in the LixiLan-L trial (NCT02058160) were used to investigate the association between achieving FPG/PPG targets and A1C target attainment after 30 weeks of treatment with iGlarLixi (n=366) or iGlar (n=365). Outcomes were A1C target attainment, A1C change from baseline, and mean A1C at Week 30 in pts achieving both FPG and PPG target, FPG target only, PPG target only, or neither, using ADA glycemic targets. The proportion of pts reaching PPG only, or both FPG and PPG target, was numerically higher for iGlarLixi, while the proportion reaching FPG target only was numerically higher for iGlar (Figure. 1A). iGlarLixi-treated pts reaching both FPG and PPG targets, or FPG target only, showed statistically significant greater A1C changes from baseline, lower end-of-trial A1C, and a higher proportion reaching A1C target than iGlar-treated pts (Figure. 1B-D). Despite a numerically higher proportion of pts reaching FPG target only in the iGlar arm, A1C outcomes were in favor of pts receiving iGlarLixi.

In conclusion, the complementary actions of iGlarLixi on both fasting and postprandial hyperglycemia were associated with better A1C target attainment compared with iGlar alone, which mainly targets fasting hyperglycemia.


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