HGR4113 is a novel compound that was discovered by Glaceum Inc. through a Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) study on Glabridin and its derivatives. HGR4113 showed competitive antihyperglycemic effects in db/db mice without any adverse event of obesity. The test consisted of a vehicle control group (db/db mice), a test group (HGR4113 150mg/kg), and two positive control groups (Metformin 300mg/kg and Pioglitazone 75mg/kg). HGR4113 was given orally once daily for 7 days for 8 consecutive weeks (qd×7×8). During the course of this study, HGR4113 exhibited a level of efficacy highly comparable to Pioglitazone, one of the oral antihyperglycemic agents available. More importantly, however, HGR4113 demonstrated weight maintenance effects similar to Metformin in db/db mice, whereas Pioglitazone caused db/db mice to develop significant signs of obesity as a critical adverse effect.

In conclusion, our test results suggest HGR4113 as a safe and effective drug for T2DM along with further clinical development.


K. Kim: None. S. Yoo: Employee; Self; Glaceum. I. Jo: Employee; Self; Glaceum Incoporation. K. Lim: Employee; Self; Glaceum Inc..

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