In this report, we examined and compared changes in diabetes technology use and HbA1c levels from data collected in 22,470 participants in the T1DX clinic registry (mean age 26±18 years, duration 14±13 years) between 2016 and 2017 with registry data collected from 25,529 participants (mean age 22±17 years, duration 10±12 years) between 2010 and 2012. There was a moderate increase in insulin pump use across all age groups from 57% in the 2010-12 cohort to 63% in the 2016-17 cohort. In contrast, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) use rose sharply from 7% to 28%, with the most dramatic increase in the preadolescent and young child groups (4% to 35% for participants <13 years old) (Table). Despite adjustments for differences in age and diabetes duration, mean HbA1c levels increased over time (from 8.2% in 2010-12 to 8.6% in 2016-17), with the greatest rise in participants 13-25 years old (Table). In both cohorts CGM users had lower HbA1c levels than non-users (7.6% in CGM users vs. 8.3% in non-users in 2010-12 and 7.9% in CGM users vs. 8.8% in non-users in 2016-17).

Conclusion: In the T1D Exchange registry, HbA1c levels have increased although HbA1c remains lower in CGM users than non-users.

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