Study was aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Innovative Orthosis: Diabetic Charcot Foot Customized Orthosis [DCFzO] in terms of Comfort, Distortion Containment and Rehabilitation Care in patients with Charcot Neuroarthropathy(CN). DCFzO is a unique pattern Custom Designed and Fabricated Poly Ethylene Orthosis: for patients with CN/Diabetic Charcot Foot. CN develops among Diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy, leading to pathological fracture/dislocation at Ankle and foot. “CN” potentially compromises normal Gait-Pattern [Ambulation] at Early-stage, Causes disability at Later-stage and can potentially end up in Amputation if neglected.

Data: Involved group (3:1) Charcots Stage- 2 and Stage- 3. Patients* [CN Ankle/foot depended on Orthosis (Rehabilitation Aid)for independent Standing and Walking].

Method: Alignment comparison with and with-out DCFzO(W and WOD) : CN ankle/foot Stability during weight bearing stance. Ability to Ambulate (W and WOD) : Balance and Confidence. Data comparison of Girth record: Follow-up schedule. Visual reports comparison [Photograph records]. Patients* personal Feed-back: Orthosis effect in terms of comfort as AID device and suggestions.

Conclusion: Orthosis “DCFzO” exhibited efficacy in aiding CN Foot: in terms of Comfort, Protection, Assistance in ambulation and Restore maximum possible ankle foot anatomical structure’ at Stage 2 and 3 treated at ALD- PMR hospital.

J.N. Immanuel: None.

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