Background and Aim: China PDS aims to investigate the real-world effectiveness and tolerability of vildagliptin plus metformin (VM) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), compared with other oral dual agents (OD). In this study, we present the results of different regional subgroup analysis.

Materials and Methods: In China PDS, T2DM patients with inadequate glycemic control on monotherapy were assigned to either VM dual therapy or OD therapy according to local physician’s decision. In this prespecified subgroup study, patients were divided into three groups according to their geographic regions (East China, North China, and South China). The primary outcome was the proportion of patients with HbA1c<7% and without tolerability events (hypoglycemia, weight gain, or discontinuation due to gastrointestinal event) at 12th month. Secondary outcomes included the HbA1c change from baseline to study endpoint, and tolerability.

Results: In total, 357 (126 in VM vs. 231 in OD) patients in East China, 499 (292 in VM vs. 207 in OD) patients in North China, and 65 (27 in VM vs. 38 in OD) patients in South Chinawere enrolled. Compared with OD, significantly higher proportion of VM treated patients achieved primary outcome in East China (49.2% vs. 28.1%, P <0.001), North China (52.1% vs. 39.1%, P=0.004), and in South China (66.7% vs. 36.8%, P=0.018). Mean HbA1c changes were significantly greater in VM than in OD in East China (-1.24% vs. -0.55%, P<0.001) and North China groups (-1.35% vs. -0.93%, P=0.011), but not in South China group (-2.12% vs. -1.31%, P=0.147). VM resulted in less tolerability findings than OD in East China (6.3% vs. 18.2) and North China (6.5% vs. 15.0%) groups (P<0.for both), but not in South China group (3.7% vs. 26.3%, P>0.05).

Conclusion: In all regional subgroups, vildagliptin plus metformin dual therapy was generally associated with good glycemic control and was well tolerated.


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