Background: IDegAsp is the first insulin co-formulation constituting 70% insulin degludec and 30% insulin aspart. In contrast to conventional premix analogues, degludec component of IDegAsp lowers variability, fasting glucose with comparable glycemic control and fewer hypoglycemic events. Re-suspension errors inherent to premix analogues also does not occur with IDegAsp. In routine diabetes practice, patients have customised A1c goals depending on the associated comorbidities and risk factors.

Aim: To assess the safety and efficacy of IDegAsp in Indian T2D subjects in a real-world setting.

Methods: T2D initiated on IDegAsp and on regular follow-up were de-identified from EMR. Clinical outcomes and hypoglycemic events were captured. n= 152, age= 52.9±11.9y, diabetes duration= 11.5±13.8y, 78.57% males, treatment duration= 10.3±6.5mths.

Results: 92% of the patients achieved customised A1c targets.Reduction from baseline: 0.91% in A1c(p=0.0004), 41.4 mg/dL in FBS(p<0.0001), 0.80 kg in body weight(p=0.0083).Five hypoglycemic episodes were reported (none severe). There were no reported episodes of nocturnal hypos.

Conclusion: In this real-world study involving T2D subjects in India, IDegAsp improved HbA1c and FBS significantly,with less hypoglycemia and no weight gain. Some of these outcomes are contrary to those reported in clinical trials and could have resulted from the new combination oral therapies.

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