Introduction: Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a major macrovascular complication of type 2 diabetes (T2D). Though data is limited, studies have indicated a lower prevalence of PAD in Indian diabetes patients as compared to western population. Present study assessed prevalence of PAD in T2D patients in Delhi, North India. Methodology: This study is a retrospective analysis of patient records of T2D patients. A total of 1000 patient were screened, 195 patients were excluded due to incomplete data and 8patients were included in the study. Diagnosis of PAD was based on ankle brachial index (ABI) measurement. An ABI value of <0.9 indicated diagnosis of PAD, 0.9 to 1.3 was taken as normal, and ABI>1.3 as indicator of non-compressible arteries.

Results: Study population consisted of 470 male and 335 female T2D patients (n=805), group 22 to 83 years. PAD (ABI <0.9) was present in 12 patients (1.49%), 9males (75% of PAD) and 3 females (25% of PAD). Diabetes patients with PAD had a higher mean age (57.±10.96 vs. 50.97 ±10.03years) a longer duration of diabetes (12.67 ±7.9 vs. 8.±8.06years, p=0.02) and significantly lower BMI (24.92kg/m2±2.42 vs. 29.55±5.87 kg/m2, p=0.0066) as compared to nondiabetic patients. More patients with PAD had hypertension (58.33% vs. 47.79%, p=0.96) and coronary artery disease (16.67% vs. 7.44%, p=0.908) which, however, were not statistically significant. PAD patients had significantly higher levels of total cholesterol (198.75±66.39 vs. 162.23±44.71mg/dl, p=0.0055) and LDL cholesterol (120.66±40.48mg/dl, p=0.039). No difference was seen in triglyceride levels (165.67±70.92mg/dl vs. 165.4±110.14,p=0.99) and A1c levels (8.97±3.vs. 9.08±2.54%, p=0.87) in two groups.

Conclusion: Our study shows that prevalence of PAD in T2D patients in Delhi, North India, is much lower than that reported in western population (∼20%) and from south India (6.3%). Prevalence of PAD was higher in patients with higher age, longer duration of diabetes, lower BMI, and higher total and LDL cholesterol.


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