We evaluated the impact of baseline A1c on the performance of day-and-night hybrid closed-loop (CL) applying Cambridge control algorithm over 4 weeks in adults with type 1 diabetes. We combined data from 3 multi-national randomized studies [N=85; three groups defined: A1c <7.5% (N=28, 6.8±0.4%; mean±SD), 7.5 to 8.49% (N=32, 7.9±0.3%) and ≥8.5% (N=25, 9.0±0.4%)]. No differences were observed in the duration of diabetes (p=0.79), age (p=0.85) or BMI (p=0.27) between groups, but the mean pre-study total daily insulin dose was higher in those with higher A1c (0.53 vs. 0.59 vs. 0.64 U/kg/day, respectively, p=0.017). Individuals with lower baseline A1c achieved a higher time in range (70-180 mg/dl) and lower mean glucose by reducing time spent >180 mg/dl without an increase in the time <70 mg/dl (Table). Median time <54 mg/dl was low in all groups (0.5%, 0.4% and 0.2%, p=0.37). Total daily insulin dose, % of bolus insulin and the controller effort, defined as the amount of insulin delivered by closed-loop relative to usual basal, were significantly different between groups (p=0.001). Despite significantly higher controller effort, those with higher baseline A1c achieved a lower time in target range than those with lower A1c, who administer a higher percentage of insulin as bolus insulin, which is outside the control of hybrid CL. Education about optimal bolus use may achieve better outcomes with hybrid CL.

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