Only around 30% of patients with diabetes meet targets for A1c (A), blood pressure (B) or lipid (C) and 14% meet targets for ABC and non-smoking. Following a survey among general practitioners (GPs) on educational needs, an education program was designed to improve the performance of the GP and the quality of diabetes care in Japan. GPs and nurses learned at a live workshop how to create a plan-do-study-act cycle and established an improvement plan to implement. In a 2nd workshop, held 3 months later, GPs examined whether the improvement plan was carried out and established strategies for further improvement. A, B, C and smoking status were provided by each participant on up to 25 patients pre and post intervention. Goals were: A1c <7%, BP <130/80 mmHg, LDL-C< 120mg/dl (based on Japan Diabetes Society). The proportions of patients in each of the groups at goal pre and post program were compared using chi-square.

Results: 2 cohorts of GPs provided data on 648 patients. The intervention was associated with an increased proportion of patients at goal in the data provided at the post-intervention workshop (Table 1) and an increased odds ratio to achieve goals (Table 2). This innovative program focused on collaboration and quality improvement strategies, has the potential to enhance the quality of diabetes care in Japan. These preliminary data could serve as a platform for the design of broader programs to implement in the GP community.


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