Objectives: Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) education is the foundation for self-care management. This study aims to improve the GDM learning experience using the narrative and care experiences of women with GDM and their healthcare providers.

Methods: A working group of women with GDM and their health care providers used iterative dialogic priming (key quotes from previous sessions) to frame five sessions. Through a deliberative priority-setting process, participants decided to update www.diabetes-pregnancy.ca, an existing website that addresses GDM education priorities of the group. Participants contributed to the website organization, videos, and text content. Google analytics was used to evaluate site uptake.

Results: Five women with GDM and 7 diabetes healthcare providers were involved in updating the content of the website. Following the website re-launch, an analytics assessment of a 50-day average (Nov 14/18 - Jan 3/19) was compared to a previous period with its earlier design (Sept 24 - Nov 13/2018). A total of 490 users visited the site and the majority (n=224) resided in Alberta compared to 546 users (200 from Alberta) in the previous 50-day period. Amongst the recent users with an identified gender (n=166), there were 133 females and 33 males. Bounce rate (visitors immediately leaving website) decreased from 78.4% to 42.4% post-redesign. The pages viewed per user session increased from 1.86 to 3.91, and the average duration of sessions increased by 30.6% (7:23 to 9:39 minutes). Behavior flow of the site showed user navigation to the “GDM” homepage (n=382), followed by the “For Providers” page (n=122), and “Additional Resources” (n=112).

Conclusions: Co-creation of online education materials informed uptake of the website. Web analytics suggest that although the audience is more likely female, there are males seeking information. An online GDM resource provides a novel method to support continuous improvement of GDM education.


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